About Us

We were born to explore. 

For centuries humans have been making trips all over the globe discovering areas that were previously uncharted territory. Boats were one of the earliest methods of transportation, allowing us to navigate across entire bodies of water. We have never been satisfied staying in the same place. We want to see what’s out there and we want to get there on our own terms.

We were made to hunt. 

Fishing is a food source for millions of people throughout the world and the fishing industry employees over 500 million people in developing countries. There are 196 communities in Alaska alone that are supported by the fish market. Native communities in Washington have used fishing as a source of food for hundreds of years, because of accessibility and convenience. These are not coincidences.

We like to have fun.   

We know that there is nothing like being out on the water. Whether it’s the middle of a lake, or the middle of the sea, the solitude you find is remarkable. We want you to have that experience as often as you can. Share it or keep it for yourself. You choose.

Our Roots

Our story has roots in two young men, named Tom and Jerry. In the late 70’s they purchased a store called Skagit Marine and exclusively sold popular local boat brands. “Go see Tom and Jerry,” was a well-loved phrase among fishermen. They had a successful business selling and repairing many locals boats, until they sold the place in the mid-90’s to an area outdoor enthusiast. He expanded the dealership to include new brands and a new location and employed Jerry’s expertise. During the economic recession, he was forced to downsize and Jerry decided to break off with the very successful HewesCraft line to open the Twin Bridges location again, renaming the store Tom-n-Jerry’s in an ode to the business’ humble beginnings.

Making History

In 2008, Ron Foley and Kelly Hawley, who both had experience in the dealership world along with an avid love for outdoor recreation, decided to purchase Tom-n-Jerry’s. They believed it was important to keep the name, considering the history attached to it and the business has continued to grow and thrive under their leadership.

We are Giants

We are the Northwest’s aluminum giant containing a full-service marine facility, offering a 10 bay service center and a new, state of the art parts and accessories department. We offer the finest in aluminum fishing boats, such as KingFisher Boats, the Northwest’s best-selling Hewescraft boats, and Crestliners powered by Yamaha and Honda outboards. We pride ourselves on our loyal customers from all over the Northwest, Alaska, and a number of customers in the Eastern US, and the exceptional level of service we provide them with when choosing their boats.